Al Hartman

Al Hartman

Al Hartman

Al Hartman is the Founder, Executive Chairman of the Board for Hartman Income REIT Management, Inc. (Hartman), a Texas-based real estate investment trust (REIT). Al Hartman also serves as President of Hartman Advisors LLC, and the property management company, HIR Management. Today, Al Hartman serves the company as Executive Chairman, a strategic advisor to current CEO, Mark Torok, and the board of directors.


40 years ago, Al Hartman began the journey of building what is now a flourishing Texas-based commercial real estate powerhouse. Under his leadership, the firm owns 59 commercial properties, has sponsored 29 investments programs, and has over $809M in assets under its management.

In 1983, Al Hartman formed Hartman Management and began sponsoring private real estate investment programs. Over the next 24 years, he built Hartman Management into one of the leading commercial property management firms in the state of Texas and sponsored 20 privately offered programs and one publicly offered program that invested in commercial real estate in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, Texas. From its modest beginnings, the company now owns and manages 59 commercial real estate assets (office, retail, industrial), generates more than $100 million a year in revenue and employs approximately 200 team members.


Through CEO Al Hartman’s leadership, Hartman Income REIT stayed resilient through many difficult times. In the 1980s, Houston’s commercial real estate market experienced a great downturn. During this period and the rest of the 80’s, Hartman did exceedingly well for the investors with 20 foreclosures that were purchased during this period.

According to Al Hartman, “acquiring underperforming CRE assets and then deploying our expertise in fixing and leasing them up into exceptionally performing assets is part of our competitive advantage. History has proved opportunity lies even in the worst of times.”

Hartman stayed resilient in the Texas office market during the pandemic. In 2021, Hartman’s leasing team set an all-time company record of 598 leases signed with a total of 990,926 square feet in new leases, boosting the firm’s occupancy 4.54% from the beginning of the year.


Hartman strives to keep the company focused and centered on pursuing the company’s mission to retain its standing as a top performing REIT as Executive Chairman. Hartman’s continued vision is to grow the company to $2 billion in assets by 2025 and $5 billion by 2030, by delivering exceptional investor returns and providing unparalleled service to tenants. 

Al Hartman’s vision of excellence is reflected in our recent Net Promoter Score survey, a market research tool used to gauge the loyalty of a company’s customers. The company notched a 71.2% landing it as a top recommended commercial real estate firm by tenants.  

Awards, recognition & thought leadership

Al Hartman is an awarded thought leader and influencer in the commercial real estate industry. He was named a Texas CRE influencer by REDnews and has been interviewed by many notable commercial real estate publications. Mr. Hartman also launched his personal blog, to share more thought leadership on commercial real estate, the Texas economy, and workplace excellence. 

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