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Suburban Office Investing

How to Protect Against Inflation: A Case for Office REITs and Suburban Investments Following the pandemic, inflation has risen worldwide, and the United States has …

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Endowment Model Banner

Endowment Model: Investing in Alternative Asset Classes

Yale Endowment Model Investing in Alternative Asset Classes University endowments receive money and financial assets primarily from donations, which universities use to fund research, teaching, …

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Investing in an inflated economy

Investing in an Inflated Economy: Why Invest in Alternative Investments

Investing in an Inflated Economy Why Invest in Alternative Investments In economics, hyperinflation is problematic, and a root cause of economic uncertainty. True hyperinflation, marked …

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Glossary of REIT Terms

REIT Term Glossary Adjusted Funds From Operations (AFFO) This term refers to a computation made by analysts and investors to measure a real estate company’s …

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About Non-Traded REITs

About Non-Traded REITs What is a Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)? A non-traded REIT is a form of real estate investment tool which can …

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