Board of Directors

Board of Directors - Hartman vREIT XXI, Inc.

Allen Hartman Portrait

Al Hartman

CEO, President and Chairman of the Board

Al Hartman (Allen R. Hartman) is our CEO and Chairman of our board of directors as well as President of the parent company of our Advisor, Hartman Advisors LLC, and our property manager, HIR Management. 

In 1984, Mr. Hartman formed Hartman Management and began sponsoring private real estate investment programs. Over the next 24 years, Mr. Hartman built Hartman Management into one of the leading commercial property management firms in the state of Texas and sponsored 20 privately offered programs and one publicly offered program that invested in commercial real estate in Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, Texas. 

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Richard Ruskey


Richard R. Ruskey served as an independent director of Hartman Short Term Income Properties XX, Inc. since April 2011. Mr. Ruskey was appointed to the board of directors of the Company on May 14, 2020 following the resignation of Mr. James A. Cardwell. Mr. Ruskey began his professional career in 1978 as a Certified Public Accountant with the accounting firm of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell, & Co. in St. Louis, Missouri where he obtained extensive experience in both the audit and tax departments. In 1983 he joined the firm of Deloitte, Haskins, & Sells as a manager in the tax department. 

In 1986 Mr. Ruskey transitioned into the security brokerage industry as the chief financial officer of Westport Financial Group. Within a one-year period he became a full-time broker and due diligence officer for the firm. In 1990 he continued his career in financial services by joining the broker dealer firm of R. T. Jones Capital Equities, Inc. where he served as due diligence officer. 

In June 2010 Mr. Ruskey joined the broker dealer firm of Moloney Securities Co. Inc. where he currently serves as an investment broker and as a senior due diligence analyst. He is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Financial Planner and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Missouri Society of Certified Public Accountants. He has been an active investor in numerous real estate and business ventures throughout his 30 year career in financial services. Mr. Ruskey received dual B.S. degrees in Accounting and Finance from Southern Illinois University – Carbondale.

John G. Ostroot


John G. Ostroot has served as one of our independent directors since February 2016. Since January, 2008 Mr. Ostroot has served as a director of Hartman Income REIT, Inc. and since July, 2009 Mr. Ostroot has served as an independent director of Hartman Short Term Income Properties XIX, Inc. He was president of EGC Corporation and 3P USA Inc., subsidiaries of Plastic Omnium, Inc., a French-owned global leader in the processing of fluoropolymers and other high-performance resins plastics, from September 1994 until he retired in January 2000. As president of these companies, he actively supervised the principal accounting officers and was responsible for overseeing and assessing the performance of companies and public accountants in the preparation, audit and evaluation of financial statements on behalf of the company. 

After his retirement at 3P USA, Mr. Ostroot assumed a leadership role with the Fluoropolymers Division of the Society of Plastics Industries, a trade organization, consisting of processors and suppliers of fluoropolymer resin, headquartered in Washington, D.C. Presently, Mr. Ostroot is serving on the Fluoropolymers Division Executive Committee as Past Chairman. 

In April 2005, Mr. Ostroot received the Whitney Bro Lifetime Achievement Award from the DuPont Company for his more than 45 years in the Fluoropolymer industry. Mr. Ostroot holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota.